It’s a Weed! It’s a Plant!

It’s marijuana, a plant/weed (whatever you want to call it), which grows naturally. For those who believe in God, guess who’s responsible for putting that plant here? How many hundreds or thousands of years has marijuana been used to treat medical conditions? Western medicine, after all, has existed – and worked – way, way, way longer than the pills that pharmaceuticals push out. I just heard today that legislators are concerned that doctors aren’t qualified to know how much marijuana to prescribe, when and if the medical marijuana initiative passes here in Florida. OH MY GOSH. REALLY? It’s a weed. It’s a plant. You either smoke it until you feel better (usually just a couple of puffs) or you consume it through food. In some Caribbean islands, woman boil the marijuana leaves and drink the tea to help them after childbirth or with menstrual cramps. It’s just we Americans that seem to be so afraid.

Afraid of a weed. Of a plant. Afraid of something that grows naturally!

But it’s certainly okay for companies to distill alcohol, which is man-made. Nope, you can’t just go out in the forest and find alcohol. Now you might find a moonshine operation (which is also illegal, because those alcohol companies want all the profits for themselves)! Alcohol is so very dangerous. I know what alcoholism can do. I know what drunk driving can do. I know what alcohol poisoning can do.

I’ve seen a lot of people do very stupid, idiotic things while being drunk on alcohol.

I once dated an alcoholic (and his addictive choice was readily available EVERYWHERE), my brother was in a serious drunk-driving accident (which affected our entire family, particularly our poor mother), and I myself, have had alcohol poisoning. That might be why I rarely ever drink alcohol, and if I do, it’s a drink that tastes fruity, not all jacked up with that man-made vice. (Okay, I’ll admit, I do enjoy a good Irish Coffee with Jameson Whiskey.) I don’t have any marijuana horror stories to share. There are none.

So why is alcohol, which is so potentially damaging, legal –  but marijuana isn’t? That’s just “back asswards” if you ask me. What does marijuana do? It makes people feel good. Yep, just like alcohol makes some people feel good. But marijuana is natural. It’s a weed. It’s a plant.

“But it’s a gateway drug. If you do marijuana, you’ll do all drugs! Next thing you know, you’ll be injecting heroin!”

Bullcrap. Of all the people I know who use marijuana (and it’s quite a lot of people), none of them use other drugs. Not one person I know has ever done heroin. Heck, I could turn that argument around and say that alcohol would do the same thing. And you’d tell me that’s bullcrap. Yep, point taken.

What does marijuana do? I’ll tell you what it does for me. It lessens my chronic pain. And when I say “chronic pain,” I mean ALL THE TIME. In pain. Got it? Okay, so it helps me survive like a normal human being. It helps my appetite. I’ve discovered since giving up marijuana (to pass a drug test), I have a very hard time getting hungry. But marijuana doesn’t give me the infamous munchies, it really never has. That’s a myth, folks. If all of us “stoners” had such bad munchies from using marijuana, wouldn’t all of us be fat? I shop at the petite department. Yeah, not buying that munchie bull.

Marijuana also works as a sleep aid (a natural one I might add, nothing like Ambien), and since I’ve discontinued its use, I have severe insomnia. For a fibromyalgia sufferer, this is the worst thing that can happen. See, those of us afflicted with this condition never reach the Stage 4 sleep, where our muscles and body are supposed to relax. So when we throw off our sleeping patterns, we end up in a “fibro fog.” It just makes my pain worse. And I have a very difficult time focusing because I am so, so, so tired. It sucks!

Marijuana has many virtues, and its benefits medically shouldn’t be ignored anymore.

Because after all – marijuana is a weed. It’s a beautiful plant.

That’s my point! It’s a weed! It’s a plant!


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