Wanted: God – The Cannabis Chronicles


I try to imagine a bottle of booze growing off of a plant in the woods, but I just cannot see it. Why? Because booze doesn’t grow. But cannabis does. Let’s continue learning about marijuana’s many benefits, and how for over 4,000 years, this naturally growing plant was used to treat medical conditions.

I believe that many people today aren’t even aware of the truth about pot, they just believe the many untruths that were spread in the early 1900’s in the United States. For example, the Bureau of Narcotics Commission Henry Anslinger said that it was “a public enemy seeking to destroy the community …”

Hmmm. Let’s think about that for a moment. I, for one, volunteer regularly in my community. Come to think of it, most of the volunteers I work with also use marijuana. Nope, we are not out to destroy society, we’re trying to make it better.

Now let’s jump all the way back to 1213 BC. That was 3227 years ago. This time the Egyptians learned the value of this naturally growing plant. Cannabis pollen was found on the mummy of Ramesses II, and ancient Egypt prescriptions for cannabis included treatment for the eyes (glaucoma), inflammation, as well as other treatments. My mother and grandmother suffered from glaucoma, and along with regular checkups (and administration of $80 eye drops each night), my mother’s ophthalmologist told her to drink wine or smoke marijuana to keep the eye pressure down.

Why aren’t we using marijuana to treat glaucoma today? Perhaps the pharmaceutical companies want glaucoma patients to continue paying for the $80 prescription of eye drops (and it’s a very small bottle). And yes, my mother had insurance. Instead, we could be using a natural growing plant, such as cannabis. It was proven 3227 years ago to be effective. (And it would be free! After all, raindrops are free!)

Jump to 1000 BC, where we’ll go to India. “Bhang,” a mixture of cannabis and milk, was used as an anesthetic in India. It was also an anti-phlegmatic. During this time, cannabis was began to be used to treat many maladies in India. They, too, learned that marijuana should be used medically.

In 700 BC, the medical use of marijuana was recorded in the Middle East’s Venidad, a volume of ancient Persian religious text, which was written around the 7th century BC. This text mentioned “bhang” and listed cannabis as the “most important of 10,000 medicinal plants.”

In 200 BC, cannabis was used in ancient Greece as a remedy for edema, inflammation, and earaches.

For over a thousand years, humans discovered the benefits of using naturally growing marijuana to treat a variety of medical conditions.

Let’s end this walk through history with a quote from Genesis 1:29, from the Bible:

Then God said, ‘I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. …'”

For God’s sake, it’s a plant. It’s a weed. It’s an herb!

P.S. A thank you to weedlist.com for this absolutely ironic poster! I’m not sure of the creator, but this is where I found this gem. And a huge thank you to medicalmarijuana.procon.org for the fun history lessons.


2 thoughts on “Wanted: God – The Cannabis Chronicles

  1. Well technically alcohol DOES form naturally, as a matter of fact. Fermentation is a natural process. Humans just filter, strain, and purify the alcohol. But still, that doesn’t change the relative toxicity of alcohol vs. cannabis. ‘Natural’ != ‘safer’ anyway.


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