The Reek of Hypocrisy

The latest smear on marijuana is the ad that claims marijuana brownies will be the next date-rape drug. Oh my, what a load of bullcrap! Give me a break! Where do folks come up with this nonsense? In all the years I have used marijuana – with the opposite sex, I might add – never once (and never will it happen), did this occur. This is insane. Now, how many stories have we heard about the college girls getting drunk and ending up date raped, only to discover it when they awaken in the morning? What I’m saying is, when you smoke marijuana (unlike alcohol, which is legal), you don’t lose inhibitions, you don’t lose sense of your surroundings, and it certainly doesn’t impair you to the point you pass out. There ARE date-rape drugs, and you know what? Those SHOULD be illegal. But pot as a date-rape drug? Come on! What is a date-rape drug? It certainly isn’t marijuana. Let’s find out more.

As science and health writer Erin Brodwin observes over at News.Mic:

“Marijuana is simply not a date rape drug.

Here’s how actual date rape drugs work: Predators slip drugs like ketamines (Special K) or rohypnol (roofies), which typically have no color, smell or taste, into drinks or food when their target isn’t paying attention. The drugs not only make you physically weak but slow down your brain, making you feel confused and sometimes knocking you unconscious, thereby unable to refuse sex.

Marijuana doesn’t work that way. Worse still, misleading ads like these distract people from the fact that a (perfectly legal) drug is the single most commonly used substance to help commit sexual assault — alcohol. While there is some evidence to suggest that people experience impaired judgment while high, weed’s effect on reasoning and reaction time is far less pronounced than alcohol’s. Never mind the women survivors who have actually experienced sexual assault after being drugged with real date rape substances.”

If you look at the latest polls, there’s only about 10 percent of the population who still believe in these outdated myths, and these folks are spreading this bullcrap faster than a farmer can dump cow manure on his crops.

It’s our jobs to counter each and every one of these untruths! And to call these folks what they are: hypocrites.

The politicians that supposed serve us? I feel like they don’t anymore. They are self serving. Now before I go any further, I will say there are a FEW that do good. As a matter of factSen. Dwight Bullard (Florida Democrat) not only believes marijuana should be legal – and not just for medical purposes but for recreational use – is standing up and speaking up for the rest of us in Florida who believe the same. Yay!

“Marijuana, whether medical or recreational, could be another way of generating revenue in Florida,” Bullard said. “It has a potential for real positive economic impact with real small business growth.”

Thank you, Senator Bullard! You bet those of us hoping the same will support your efforts. Charlie Crist, governor-hopeful (again), believes that marijuana should be legalized for medical marijuana use. You’ve got my vote, too, Mr. Crist.

However, Jeb Bush and Governor Rick Scott are in the other camp. They’re the ones using the scare tactics and untruths.

I want to discuss the folks that made the federal laws stating anyone prescribed pain medication should be randomly drug tested. And if a patient tests positive for marijuana, he/she can no longer receive any of that pain medication. How is that right? I’ll tell you what, let’s let THEM pee in a cup first.

“Oh, if everyone everywhere had to suddenly pee in a cup … how enlightening that would be!”

Indeed! I’m wondering just how many positive results would show up in their urine. Just in 2013, 10 politicians were arrested for drugs in the United States. And I bet for every one of them busted, there’s dozens more who use drugs themselves. But they’re not getting random drug tests, are they? Oh heavens no. Why live up to the scrutiny of the public? They don’t want to be called out for their hypocrisy. Well, let’s call them out now! Let’s pass the pee cup. All the way to the top.

The following politicians were busted for illegal drugs in 2013 – the very people who make our laws, but don’t abide by them. But THEY get special treatment. Read on.

  • Hypocrite #1: Scot Kelsh, a North Dakota Democrat who voted for stricter drunk driving laws in the state was arrested for DUI.
  • Hypocrite #2: South Carolina state Rep. Ted Vick claimed he had “a rock in his shoe” after receiving his second drunk driving charge of 2013. REALLY? His first DUI charge was dropped. Does that happen for us folks? Nope, we’d be thrown in jail. (And rightly we should be, as drunk driving is a terrible crime.) Vick refused breath tests.
  • Hypocrite #3 makes me cringe. Robert Kerns, a former GOP chief in Pennsylvania, was described by a county grand jury as a “manipulative and predatory” rapist after 19 charges against him were read out that also included sexual assault, tampering with evidence, and lying to authorities. Kerns gave his victim wine laced with Ambien, and then raped her in his car before assaulting her at his home. He denies all charges, although his DNA appeared on her underwear. However, he went free while awaiting trial after posting a portion of his $1 million bail. … Meanwhile, 19-year old Jacob Lavoro, who is facing 10 years to life on the drug charges, is awaiting lab results that reveal how much hash oil, or THC, were in the brownies Lavoro is accused of making with the intent to sell. The lab results could mean the difference between a possible life sentence and a reduced punishment range of two to 20 years or probation. And how is this fair? It’s certainly not. And how is Kerns even allowed free? Wow. That’s just sick. How did he get that Ambien? What hypocrisy exists in our judicial system. Sad.
  • Hypocrite #4: Barry Layne Moore, the mayor of Hampton, FL, was arrested for sales and possession of Oxycodone. In October 2012, he was arrested for battery, and two months later, booked with a probation violation for the same crime. In 2011, he had three traffic moving violations with fines of $1,000. Local officials called for Moore to leave office, but he had no plans to do so. Hmmmmm. Out here in the real world? Would YOU still have YOUR job? No, you wouldn’t.
  • Hypocrite #5: Steve Katz, a New York state assemblyman, spoke out against a bill to legalize medical marijuana was charged with marijuana possession! What a hypocrite! Katz tried to dismiss  the weed charge by calling it “an unfortunate incident.” He also has a DUI charge under his belt. He then had the gall to continue to serve! Would YOU still have YOUR job with these charges? No, you wouldn’t.
  • Hypocrite #6: Trey Radel, scores the biggest U.S. politician scandal of 2013 and hypocrite of the decade. He bought 3.5 grams of cocaine from an undercover cop in Washington D.C. But … get this … instead of serving 180 days in jail, a judge sentenced him to only a year of probation that will result in the guilty plea being removed from his record if successfully completed! The charges against Radel are particularly ironic because he wanted to pass the law making welfare recipients pass a drug test in order to be eligible for food stamps. The hypocrisy! And the gall! Like Radel, he refused to step down! Now, if you were busted for 3.5 grams of cocaine possession, would YOU be FREE? Would your record be cleared? No, I think not. You’d still be sitting in jail, and headed for prison. For a very long time.

I’m tired of the hypocrisy, and I’m going to call all these hypocrites for what they are. If you’d like to see a list of all federal politicians arrested, click here. Very enlightening indeed! Oh, the reek of hypocrisy.

Before they tell us that we have to undergo random drug tests, we should call for all of these politicians – who supposedly serve us (ha!) – to be the first ones to pee in a cup.

By the way, in Florida, when Governor Rick Scott and the legislature decided to pass a law to drug test welfare recipients, only 2.6 percent of them failed. And then the law was declared unconstitutional. Rightly so! (And if you didn’t already know, it’s been reported that Scott’s wife’s company makes money off those drug tests. Mmmm hmmm.)

I just love what news-show host, Rachel Maddow, called for, “I say line up all 160 of ’em for a patriotic whiz-fest at the Capitol clinic. You think more than 2.5 percent might test positive? Let’s find out.”


And just how much did these round of drug tests cost Florida taxpayers? I’ll let the following graph demonstrate. Like it says, you do the math. It’s actually quite easy! Talk about pissing money away.

fl drug testing results

Before Florida pisses any more money away, how about we legalize marijuana and reap the profits?

Make your voice heard. Make the squeaky wheel squeak. And make sure you vote YES for Amendment #2.


10 thoughts on “The Reek of Hypocrisy

  1. People say that sort of thing on the unfounded assumption that drugs are all, fundmentally, alike. It’s a DARE-era mindset which is extremely dangerous for many many reasons which I am sure you don’t need me to tell you. -.- Unlike many, you bother with things like critical thinking and analysis. Until those become commonplace habits we’re going to keep hearing ridiculous stuff like this, about marijuana and other things.


    • Too bad it marijuana doesn’t cure ignorance, hatred, homophobia, and hypocrisy! You’re correct, we will continue to hear more ridiculous claims, and I’ll be there to attack. If we want change, we have to be the change. This seems to be my daily mantra now.
      I will be part of the change. I think I can, I think I can. I KNOW I CAN!
      Thank you for your thoughts, I have read all your comments to a friend, and she was impressed. Let’s stick together!


      • Absolutely! We in California have known this for some time – that’s why we (usually) are ahead of the rest of the country on stuff like this. The Republican SoCal sometimes messes things up for the rest of us, but we do our best. In CA, kids are raised to see themselves as a vital part of society and very capable of effecting change. I think if kids everywhere got that message – from their parents and in school alike – the rest of the country would be in better shape. Until then it’s up to folks like you and your friend and us to keep the truth out there. And we’ll do it in the end – the signs are clear. They have already lost. We just have to keep pushing. We can and will do it! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Every share counts. I might just create a FB group page, and from there I can post anonymously. Judging from the number of followers I’ve already picked up here (and on Twitter), who knows, the truth might spread like wildfire.


      • There are already a lot of us who know. It’s just that we’re the REAL “silent majority”. We have been intimidated and terrorized into silence by the DEA and the Feds and our own neighbors for decades. What we do is important, in terms of educating those who still don’t know, but IMO, our greater effect is to bring out those who already know and agree but have been too afraid, or not known how or where or when, to stand up and say so. Those who truly don’t know this stuff are rare people – most either already know and agree, or deliberately close their ears because they already have all the ‘truthiness’ they need and actual Truth is inconvenient. We provide a good example for others to rise up as well and the more of us who do the more progress will be made. I feel like I’m sort of following in my mother’s footsteps… she was a radical feminist in the Second Wave and very active in NOW and similar things. I grew up hearing about Patricia Ireland and reading “Against Our Will”. So radical social rebellion is in my blood I suppose, by indoctrination if not genes (I am adopted.) We, too, are on the front lines of an extremely important social justice issue, and we, too, will eventually prevail (not that the feminist work is done yet, but we all know patriarchy is doomed in the long run, just like any form of irrational bias.)


      • I think you’re correct, we “silent majority” will have to step up and be seen and heard. You’re also right, I’m in so much fear from the DEA and Children’s Protective Services, et al, that I’m afraid to “come out.” I’m afraid to lose my job. Afraid to lose my child. Afraid to go to jail. All because of a plant. All because of my pain. All because it makes me feel good. It’s a sad state, isn’t it? I’m afraid to even talk to my doctor honestly. But you bet I’m going to start asking my doctor if she’s a medical marijuana proponent. I have an appointment in December with a pain specialist, and apparently he’s a wonderful doctor and quite hard to get in as a new patient. (No wonder the long wait.) From what I’ve heard (from former patients), I can be honest with him.
        I’m actually quite proud of my writing, and I find it sad that I cannot share with my entire set of friends. But one day …
        We will prevail. One day we’ll look back and say, remember when we couldn’t talk about this openly?


      • One day soon – it’ll be within our lifetimes, at the pace things are going. Probably even within my mother’s lifetime (she’s 69.) They can’t keep us down forever… the truth always comes out in the end.


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