Dear Doctor

Dear Doctor,

I’m going to come clean with you. Actually, I’ve tried to be clean, because I know I’m going to have to submit to a urine test. So I’m going to be totally honest with you and pray this doesn’t backfire on me. When I do that urine test, I’m pretty sure there’s going to be a positive result for THC in my metabolites. But I can assure you that I have not used marijuana in over three weeks. I’ve been trying to be clean in order to get my prescription for hydrocodone. So I’ve had to do without both my pills for most of the past month, and the marijuana.

Since I’ve come clean, I have suffered the pain tremendously. I didn’t realize just how much a part that marijuana played in making me feel less pain. See, there’s never a day that I’m pain free. When I take one of the hydrocodones by itself, yes, the pain is a little less intense, but perhaps I’m not taking a large enough dose. After all, you do have me on the lowest dosage. But when I took a pill and used marijuana, I actually felt almost “normal.” What’s normal? Well, I mean what it must feel like to be a person who doesn’t suffer from intense pain. All the time. All the blasted time. So when I stopped using marijuana, and had to mete out those pills, there were days I could barely function.

I have become very frustrated. I started a blog about my pain. I wrote a manifesto, which actually started that blog. I found out there are hundreds of people just like me, suffering from chronic pain, unable to obtain the pain relief we so desperately want. What we desperately need. We just want pain relief and respect. I started sharing my story, and I’ve become somewhat of an activist. I think that marijuana should be legalized, particularly for medicinal purposes. I learned that this plant has been used close to 5,000 years to help ease medical maladies. It’s been proven to help with so many things. I know it helps me. How?

After I stopped marijuana, the insomnia kicked in. Doctor, you know that in my case of having fibromyalgia, that’s the worst thing that can happen to me. I usually can’t fall asleep until after 3:30 a.m. I’m working on a huge deadline at work, and it’s awful hard to focus and concentrate when I’m in a mental fog because of lack of sleep. This is the worst part, because the lack of sleep also makes me irritable, depressed, and angry. I’m angry because I’m in a situation where I cannot get pain relief, although I know it’s out there. I’m afraid when you get back that positive test result, you’re going to either cut off my medication, or refuse to see me anymore.

But you have helped me. You’re the first doctor willing to treat me for my condition. You’re the first one to write a pain prescription for me. You haven’t treated me like a drug addict. You’re the one that told me about the release Tramadol, so instead of popping four pills a day and going on a yo-yo of pain, I’m taking only the one in the morning. That helped somewhat. And the Lyrica you prescribed, that does help, too. But when I reach the late afternoon (even when I did use marijuana), the pain creeps back in. Maybe I need a higher dosage of the hydrocodone and/or the Lyrica.

I’d like to sleep again, but I don’t want to take Ambien, Xanax, or any other prescription. I know that marijuana is my natural sleep aid. I’d rather do something natural than add to my ever-growing medicine cabinet.

Another thing marijuana helps me with is my appetite. Most of the time now I’m nauseated, and I have absolutely no appetite. It’s hard for me to eat. And I like food! I like to cook! And bake! But now I barely have the energy, and I’m in too much pain to really want to do anything. I’ve already lost eight pounds. Not that that’s a bad thing, because I could be thinner. My point is, I’m not trying to lose weight. It’s coming off because I barely eat. Have you ever been able to eat when you’re nauseated?

I want to have an appetite again, but I don’t want another prescription. I’d rather use my natural remedy, the marijuana plant.

I’m wondering where you stand on medical marijuana, especially because we have that on the ballot this November election here in Florida. How do you feel about marijuana use? Do you know what cannabis cures? Do you support the initiative? If so, will you help me obtain medical marijuana? Because if recent polls indicate anything, and because of the dialogs I’ve had with other folks here, the initiative should pass overwhelmingly. I really do want to know how you feel about this issue. After all, you’re the one and only doctor willing to treat my pain right now. My primary doctor referred me to you because she knew you could help me, and she herself is fearful of the DEA.

Because I haven’t had many conversations with you, I hope you understand my hesitation in talking to you earlier. Sometimes I wish I could have gone in and talked to you, to get your advice, to know what’s going to happen after I take that drug test. You currently are my lifeline to living a life with lessened pain. I know it’s never going to go away, but it IS treatable. It can be more bearable.

So Doctor, when the lab notifies you that there’s THC in my system, please, please, please believe me and my words. I give you my honest word that I have not touched, nor looked, at marijuana for over three weeks. I don’t want to wait any longer to find out what happens. There’s a good chance you’re not going to write me any new prescriptions because of that THC. Because of the DEA. I know they’ve made it more difficult for you to treat us chronic pain patients. But I do plead with you that you treat me with compassion, and that you do not withhold my pain relief. I hope you’re willing to TREAT me, like you have in the past. After all, I’ve shown absolutely NO signs of drug abuse, you even have that written in my records. This was going to be, I believe, only the third prescription in six months (now it’s seven), that I was going to pick up. I have not abused my pills. And I’m not an abuser just because I used marijuana.

I did what I could to survive with my pain. It’s with me always. It will be with me until the day I die. I can live with that if I can have lessened pain. Please help me doctor. HELP me. Understand me. Believe me.

I have not used marijuana in weeks. I desperately need that pain prescription. I want to feel “normal” again. Do you understand?

There, I came clean. And I tried my best to be clean.

Thank you,
Your Patient


Top 10 Reasons to Legalize Marijuana


10.Nobody Dies from Marijuana Use!

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that more than 37,000 annual U.S. deaths, including more than 1,400 in Colorado, are caused by alcohol use alone. Did you know that the CDC does not even have a category for deaths caused by the use of medical marijuana? Why? Because there are none.

9. Marijuana Used for Illnesses

Our ancestors used marijuana for thousands of years to treat people with medical maladies; today, medical marijuana is encouraged for use to aid people suffering from cancer, AIDS, glaucoma, and a litany of other conditions. It’s a safe, natural alternative.

8. Stop the War on Drugs (A Lost Battle)

According to, the war on marijuana costs $42 BILLION per YEAR. Think of all the better ways we could utilize this money. Teachers, education, homelessness, just to name a few. But we literally piss it away.

7. Reduce the Flow of Money to Gangs

If we legalized marijuana, it would drastically decrease the amount of money going from the American economy to international criminal gangs. Let’s keep it in the United States and beef up our own economy!

6. Decrease Crime Rates

In countries that have legalized marijuana, their crime rates are very low; the USA leads in number of crime rates. Let’s rid the prisons of marijuana users and focus our police on REAL criminals. Marijuana users are NOT criminals.

5. The Oldest Agricultural Commodity

For almost 5,000 years, marijuana is the oldest agricultural commodity for industrial purposes. It used to be against the law NOT to grow hemp, as it was used to make rope, which was utilized in the shipping industry. President George Washington cultivated marijuana, as did Thomas Jefferson!

4. Causes No Physical Harm or Addiction

Marijuana is a natural plant that does not cause cancer (it helps prevent cancer), does not have nicotine (highly addictive chemical in cigarettes), and is not addictive.

3. Law Enforcement

If we legalized marijuana use, law enforcement officers could focus on catching rapists, murderers, thieves, and serious criminals. Again, marijuana users are NOT criminals.

2. Declaration of Independence

When our founding fathers created the Declaration of Independence, marijuana was just a plant and used for medicinal and probably recreational use. Again, Thomas Jefferson cultivated marijuana. So did George Washington, our very first president of the United States. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is supposed to be a right. We are supposed to be free.

1. People Need It!

People who suffer from illnesses, ranging from mild to acute, could all benefit from the use of marijuana. It was proven thousands of years ago to benefit humans. No side effects, no addiction, no cancer, nothing. So why is this plant illegal?


Thank you to the folks at for most of this information. 😀

Chronic Pain Sufferers Suffer Even More Now

The DEA recently changed Hydrocodone to a Schedule III drug, making it even more difficult for chronic pain sufferers to obtain the pain medication they NEED to survive in the United States. When we take pain meds – even every day – we are not drug abusers. Why? Because the pain meds actually TREAT the pain and allow us to function. It’s the abusers that messed it up for us. If you take pain meds and you’re not in pain, yes, you will feel “high.” But not so for us.

Now we must go to our doctor to pick up our prescription – and only WE can go (no-one else). Then, most likely, we have to take a drug test in order to pick up the script. At the drug store, we have to show our identification to pick up the medicine. Our information is entered into a drug database. In short, we are treated like drug abusers and/or criminals. And these drug tests? You have to take them even if you haven’t shown ANY SIGN of drug abuse. That’s just not right.

A lot of folks in pain use marijuana, which is a natural pain reliever. It aids sleep naturally, which is so very important for fibromyalgia sufferers. If we cannot sleep, our condition worsens.
So imagine the frustration we face. If we use marijuana, we have THC in our systems for days – or weeks even – and thus, have a positive result on the drug tests. So then the doctor refuses the pain medication.
Imagine if you had to pee in a cup to receive blood pressure medicine. And a positive result meant you wouldn’t get your meds. You could have a stroke and die. So you tell me – is this fair? It surely isn’t. Why are we treated any differently?

Join me in our fight to get the help we need. That includes #medicalmarijuana. Educate yourself. This PLANT has been used for almost 5,000 YEARS as a natural remedy for MANY ailments. It was a negative spin made in the early-mid 1900s that changed the views about marijuana, and made users look like criminals. I can assure you that the “typical stoner” image most people have is INACCURATE. If you think people who use marijuana are lazy or stupid, don’t have any motivation, and eat munchies all day, you are WRONG. Lazy people are lazy, regardless if they smoke pot or not. We users are professionals, we are responsible adults, we give back to the community, we are GOOD PEOPLE.

I’m in pain. Serious pain. I want help. I don’t get the help I need. I’m treated like a drug addict. Is this wrong? I think so. If you think so, too, help me spread the word. It’s about time we #legalizemarijuana and stop wasting taxpayers money on the “war on drugs,” which has literally pissed away our money. According to recent polls, 88% of Floridians support the initiative to legalize marijuana. I would be there are about 88% of us who use marijuana – in the USA – where supposedly we are free. REALLY?
Think about that.

What’s Wrong with Feeling Good?

Let’s say that you’re having to take blood pressure medicine – every day for the rest of your life – to treat your high blood pressure, and your medicine runs out. Instead of the pharmacy automatically notifying your doctor that you need a new script, you have to personally pick up your new prescription at the doctor’s office. (Only you can pick it up.) When you arrive, you are notified that you must go to the lab, pee in a cup, and then come back for your prescription. So you go back and you’re told that you cannot have your blood pressure medicine. Why? Because you had something in your system. Perhaps it was a double patty cheeseburger with bacon. Perhaps it was THC. So now you don’t have any blood pressure medicine. What does that mean? You could have a stroke and die. Is that right? Of course not. It probably seems ridiculous to you. It should seem ridiculous, because it is. We could take the same situation and apply it to cholesterol medicine, or any medicine that you rely on to keep yourself alive.

Having fibromyalgia and suffering from chronic pain shouldn’t be treated any differently than prescribing medication for your high blood pressure; yet we are subjected to random drug tests in order to receive our prescriptions for pain medication.

The imaginary situation I described? That’s exactly what we with chronic pain have to do. And that’s just not right. What happens to me when I don’t have any pain medication? Well, I’ve had to mete out about ten pills over the last three weeks, which means I’ve gone days without any pain relief. It’s been a terrible, excrutiating time for me. I’m now suffering a fibromyalgia flare because of no pain medication, and no marijuana, which acted as my natural sleep aid. Now I have insomnia and cannot get to sleep.

Remember, marijuana is a natural plant, which has been on our planet Earth for thousands and thousands of years. Who knows, maybe millions. And for over 4,000 years marijuana was used as a therapeutic medicine for all types of ailments. So I’ve got a double whammy right now – I cannot use marijuana in order to pass a drug test. I’ve been marijuana free for 18 days now and still test positive for THC, which makes me even angrier because I HAVEN’T USED MARIJUANA but I’ll test positive for it. And then I’ll be denied any further pain medication. I had to sign a drug contract! Do you have to sign a contract for medicine that you take daily? Of course not! So how is this the slightest bit fair?

That’s not all. Without that marijuana as my natural sleep aid, I cannot get to sleep at night. This is probably the worst side effect, and the absolute worse scenario for a fibromyalgia sufferer. We never reach that deep, deep stage of sleep, so our muscles never relax. Last night, I got less than four hours of sleep. The night before was about the same. Imagine this happening every night. Today I can barely function. I cannot just call out of work because I’m tired. I have very important work to do, but my head is full of “fog.” This is what it feels like on a “fibro flare.” Your ENTIRE BODY screams at you, and the pressure points and in my case, neck and shoulders, scream in agony CONSTANTLY. There isn’t one moment that I am pain free. And I might just face the situation where I run out of pills (I have ONLY TWO), and if I don’t pass that drug test, I don’t get my prescription, which means I suffer even more.

Marijuana is a plant. It is natural. It grows wild. It’s just like any other plant. But it’s therapeutic. It’s ALREADY been proven – thousands and thousands of years ago – that it IS therapeutic. So why in the heck aren’t we using it now? Why can’t I use it to help me sleep, to help my appetite (which I have none now), to help lower my blood pressure, to ensure that I don’t develop glaucoma like my mother and grandmother, it helps fight cancer (which my dad and other grandmother died from), it helps ease my pain, and so what if it makes me feel good?

What’s wrong with feeling good? Why is marijuana illegal? Because it makes us feel good. Again, I ask, what’s wrong if I want to feel good from using a plant?

Why do folks drink alcohol? Because it makes them feel good. But that’s legal. Why do folks smoke cigarettes, one of the most proven addicting substances? Because it makes them feel good. But that’s legal too. Why do folks drink coffee? Because it helps stimulate them. It makes you feel good. But that’s legal. But yet you cannot use marijuana, which isn’t addictive, nor is it debilitating like alcohol. But it makes you feel good.

It’s high time we got the truth out about marijuana. It’s a plant, it’s natural, and there’s absolutely no reason why a person shouldn’t be allowed to feel good.

And it’s a downright shame to make me suffer even more because I used a natural plant to help relieve my chronic pain. Gosh, I’m angry.

And I’m going to spread the truth.

Please help. Share this post – and any other blog post – that talks about this subject. Join me on twitter, @chronic_pain. You wouldn’t believe the number of people who feel the same way.

If you want change, you have to BE the change. Let’s make our voices HEARD!


The Reek of Hypocrisy

The latest smear on marijuana is the ad that claims marijuana brownies will be the next date-rape drug. Oh my, what a load of bullcrap! Give me a break! Where do folks come up with this nonsense? In all the years I have used marijuana – with the opposite sex, I might add – never once (and never will it happen), did this occur. This is insane. Now, how many stories have we heard about the college girls getting drunk and ending up date raped, only to discover it when they awaken in the morning? What I’m saying is, when you smoke marijuana (unlike alcohol, which is legal), you don’t lose inhibitions, you don’t lose sense of your surroundings, and it certainly doesn’t impair you to the point you pass out. There ARE date-rape drugs, and you know what? Those SHOULD be illegal. But pot as a date-rape drug? Come on! What is a date-rape drug? It certainly isn’t marijuana. Let’s find out more.

As science and health writer Erin Brodwin observes over at News.Mic:

“Marijuana is simply not a date rape drug.

Here’s how actual date rape drugs work: Predators slip drugs like ketamines (Special K) or rohypnol (roofies), which typically have no color, smell or taste, into drinks or food when their target isn’t paying attention. The drugs not only make you physically weak but slow down your brain, making you feel confused and sometimes knocking you unconscious, thereby unable to refuse sex.

Marijuana doesn’t work that way. Worse still, misleading ads like these distract people from the fact that a (perfectly legal) drug is the single most commonly used substance to help commit sexual assault — alcohol. While there is some evidence to suggest that people experience impaired judgment while high, weed’s effect on reasoning and reaction time is far less pronounced than alcohol’s. Never mind the women survivors who have actually experienced sexual assault after being drugged with real date rape substances.”

If you look at the latest polls, there’s only about 10 percent of the population who still believe in these outdated myths, and these folks are spreading this bullcrap faster than a farmer can dump cow manure on his crops.

It’s our jobs to counter each and every one of these untruths! And to call these folks what they are: hypocrites.

The politicians that supposed serve us? I feel like they don’t anymore. They are self serving. Now before I go any further, I will say there are a FEW that do good. As a matter of factSen. Dwight Bullard (Florida Democrat) not only believes marijuana should be legal – and not just for medical purposes but for recreational use – is standing up and speaking up for the rest of us in Florida who believe the same. Yay!

“Marijuana, whether medical or recreational, could be another way of generating revenue in Florida,” Bullard said. “It has a potential for real positive economic impact with real small business growth.”

Thank you, Senator Bullard! You bet those of us hoping the same will support your efforts. Charlie Crist, governor-hopeful (again), believes that marijuana should be legalized for medical marijuana use. You’ve got my vote, too, Mr. Crist.

However, Jeb Bush and Governor Rick Scott are in the other camp. They’re the ones using the scare tactics and untruths.

I want to discuss the folks that made the federal laws stating anyone prescribed pain medication should be randomly drug tested. And if a patient tests positive for marijuana, he/she can no longer receive any of that pain medication. How is that right? I’ll tell you what, let’s let THEM pee in a cup first.

“Oh, if everyone everywhere had to suddenly pee in a cup … how enlightening that would be!”

Indeed! I’m wondering just how many positive results would show up in their urine. Just in 2013, 10 politicians were arrested for drugs in the United States. And I bet for every one of them busted, there’s dozens more who use drugs themselves. But they’re not getting random drug tests, are they? Oh heavens no. Why live up to the scrutiny of the public? They don’t want to be called out for their hypocrisy. Well, let’s call them out now! Let’s pass the pee cup. All the way to the top.

The following politicians were busted for illegal drugs in 2013 – the very people who make our laws, but don’t abide by them. But THEY get special treatment. Read on.

  • Hypocrite #1: Scot Kelsh, a North Dakota Democrat who voted for stricter drunk driving laws in the state was arrested for DUI.
  • Hypocrite #2: South Carolina state Rep. Ted Vick claimed he had “a rock in his shoe” after receiving his second drunk driving charge of 2013. REALLY? His first DUI charge was dropped. Does that happen for us folks? Nope, we’d be thrown in jail. (And rightly we should be, as drunk driving is a terrible crime.) Vick refused breath tests.
  • Hypocrite #3 makes me cringe. Robert Kerns, a former GOP chief in Pennsylvania, was described by a county grand jury as a “manipulative and predatory” rapist after 19 charges against him were read out that also included sexual assault, tampering with evidence, and lying to authorities. Kerns gave his victim wine laced with Ambien, and then raped her in his car before assaulting her at his home. He denies all charges, although his DNA appeared on her underwear. However, he went free while awaiting trial after posting a portion of his $1 million bail. … Meanwhile, 19-year old Jacob Lavoro, who is facing 10 years to life on the drug charges, is awaiting lab results that reveal how much hash oil, or THC, were in the brownies Lavoro is accused of making with the intent to sell. The lab results could mean the difference between a possible life sentence and a reduced punishment range of two to 20 years or probation. And how is this fair? It’s certainly not. And how is Kerns even allowed free? Wow. That’s just sick. How did he get that Ambien? What hypocrisy exists in our judicial system. Sad.
  • Hypocrite #4: Barry Layne Moore, the mayor of Hampton, FL, was arrested for sales and possession of Oxycodone. In October 2012, he was arrested for battery, and two months later, booked with a probation violation for the same crime. In 2011, he had three traffic moving violations with fines of $1,000. Local officials called for Moore to leave office, but he had no plans to do so. Hmmmmm. Out here in the real world? Would YOU still have YOUR job? No, you wouldn’t.
  • Hypocrite #5: Steve Katz, a New York state assemblyman, spoke out against a bill to legalize medical marijuana was charged with marijuana possession! What a hypocrite! Katz tried to dismiss  the weed charge by calling it “an unfortunate incident.” He also has a DUI charge under his belt. He then had the gall to continue to serve! Would YOU still have YOUR job with these charges? No, you wouldn’t.
  • Hypocrite #6: Trey Radel, scores the biggest U.S. politician scandal of 2013 and hypocrite of the decade. He bought 3.5 grams of cocaine from an undercover cop in Washington D.C. But … get this … instead of serving 180 days in jail, a judge sentenced him to only a year of probation that will result in the guilty plea being removed from his record if successfully completed! The charges against Radel are particularly ironic because he wanted to pass the law making welfare recipients pass a drug test in order to be eligible for food stamps. The hypocrisy! And the gall! Like Radel, he refused to step down! Now, if you were busted for 3.5 grams of cocaine possession, would YOU be FREE? Would your record be cleared? No, I think not. You’d still be sitting in jail, and headed for prison. For a very long time.

I’m tired of the hypocrisy, and I’m going to call all these hypocrites for what they are. If you’d like to see a list of all federal politicians arrested, click here. Very enlightening indeed! Oh, the reek of hypocrisy.

Before they tell us that we have to undergo random drug tests, we should call for all of these politicians – who supposedly serve us (ha!) – to be the first ones to pee in a cup.

By the way, in Florida, when Governor Rick Scott and the legislature decided to pass a law to drug test welfare recipients, only 2.6 percent of them failed. And then the law was declared unconstitutional. Rightly so! (And if you didn’t already know, it’s been reported that Scott’s wife’s company makes money off those drug tests. Mmmm hmmm.)

I just love what news-show host, Rachel Maddow, called for, “I say line up all 160 of ’em for a patriotic whiz-fest at the Capitol clinic. You think more than 2.5 percent might test positive? Let’s find out.”


And just how much did these round of drug tests cost Florida taxpayers? I’ll let the following graph demonstrate. Like it says, you do the math. It’s actually quite easy! Talk about pissing money away.

fl drug testing results

Before Florida pisses any more money away, how about we legalize marijuana and reap the profits?

Make your voice heard. Make the squeaky wheel squeak. And make sure you vote YES for Amendment #2.

Spread the Truth, Not Scare Tactics

Yesterday I suffered from a fibromyalgia flare, where suddenly I had lost all energy, felt like I was going to pass out, and my entire being screamed in agony. The only thing that helped was sleep. Because I’m down to a measly few pills, I have to mete them out carefully. I knew if yesterday was bad, there would be another day it would be worse. Remember, I’ve been suffering from this for well over 20 years. I know what to expect, unfortunately.

So I did without any pain relief. (And cried several times, although crying doesn’t make the situation any better, it just makes it worse.) So today I’m using that sadness and frustration and turning it into the proverbial “squeaky wheel.” Alas, I’m still testing positive for THC although it’s been several weeks I even used marijuana. This wouldn’t be an issue if medical marijuana was legal in Florida.

How can a plant be illegal? And furthermore, how can the drug test for marijuana be legal if it’s not accurate? Because it certainly isn’t. Even if you test positive today, it doesn’t mean you’ve used marijuana recently! Or even within the last several weeks!

It’s just not right, and making a chronic pain user pee in a cup in order to obtain medically-needed prescriptions is just downright wrong. Stop treating us like drug addicts and treat us like patients. That means TREAT us, don’t just dope us up on whatever the latest pharmaceutical company is pushing on you, to push on us.

Currently, my real frustration is with the politicians and wanna-be second-term governors or even president, that spout out untruths about marijuana and what would happen if marijuana was legalized for medical use. A recent Reuters poll shows that 88% of Floridians support legalization of medical marijuana while only 10% oppose it. Like Eric Shapiro asked, “Should the 10% dictate policy?” It seems like only the politicians have these extremely outdated views (for example, Jeb Bush recently used scare tactics in Florida, urging against medical marijuana because it would ruin tourism and businesses in Florida). Hmmmm. How’s that recreational pot working out in Colorado?

Six months after the legalization of marijuana, Colorado’s tax revenue skyrocketed as crime fell. In the first four months, marijuana sales were more than $202 million, about a third of them recreational. Taxes from recreational sales were almost $11 million.

That is $213 million dollars in the first four months! From a plant! That is natural! And costs nothing to grow! Tourism has gone up, crime has gone down, new businesses are open, and the sky has not fallen. Nor will it. And now Colorado has $213 million dollars it didn’t have before. Imagine the good that can do. And how about tourism?

Colorado store owners Chuck Reynolds and Lee Olesen said they had recorded visitors from all 50 states since opening in April. There regular customers? Senior citizens and veterans who didn’t sign up for medical marijuana cards for fear of losing their federal health benefits. … “I think it should be legal everywhere,” said Mike, a former National Transportation Safety Board employee.

There’s real incentives – proven incentives – to legalize and tax marijuana. Since the debate in Florida is for medical marijuana, I’ll continue to spread the truth about the benefits of a natural plant called, “cannabis,” a.k.a. “marijuana.” Let’s check out the following graphic. Therapeutic uses listed are for gliomas, alzheimers, fibromyalgia, dystonia, hepatitis C, diabetes, osteoporosis, MRSA, multiple sclerosis, ALS, chronic pain, tourette’s syndrome, HIV, hypertension, sleep apnea, GI disorders, incontinence, and rheumatoid arthritis. Our ancestors figured this out thousands of years ago. So why again is this plant illegal?

Herbal Benefits of Medical Marijuana

This isn’t a comprehensive list of what all marijuana can treat, but I can personally attest that it DOES help with fibromyalgia, it DOES help with chronic pain, it DOES help with hypertension, and one that isn’t listed, it’s a natural sleep aid. Since I stopped using marijuana, I have suffered more pain, a fibromyalgia flare (that I hadn’t had in three months because of the combination of pain medication and marijuana), and I have terrible insomnia. I can no longer fall asleep soon after I go to bed. Sometimes it’s after 3:00 a.m. before I fall asleep. Do you know what that does to a person with fibromyalgia? It turns me into a walking zombie.

I’m not a drug addict. But I’m treated like one, and that’s just not fair. But that’s another post, and that one will be about hypocrisy at its worst.

Meanwhile, I want to thank everyone who has joined this blog, all of you that have commented, given me hope, and provided me facts about the medications I’m currently taking. And the comment from namenews, “Keep Rocking, Activist!” made my day. It’s people like you who keep me going.

It’s people like us that make change. So help me be the change. Help me be the squeaky wheel!

The Injustice! Is This Legal?

med mar

If a cop pulled me over, he/she must have reasonable suspicion to search my vehicle; I would have had to act in some way to justify the search. Same as with my house. The police just cannot show up and search my house without proving to a judge that they have reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing on my part. But how is it right that I must submit to a drug test for my doctor in order to receive any pain pill worth a darn (yep, meaning a scheduled narcotic drug) when there is absolutely no reasonable suspicion that I have been doing anything wrong?

I have been a patient for over six months and I was going to pick up only my third prescription for Hydrocodone, you know, that whopping five milligrams of pain relief. (insert huge sarcasm here) That meant I made sixty pills last for six months. As a matter of fact, in each of the doctor’s notes, it says that I show “no signs of drug abuse.”

So you tell me – I’ve done nothing wrong, exhibited no bad behavior, but in order to pick up that prescription, I must now pee in a cup to prove I haven’t been using other drugs. Like I said in my first post (THE MANIFESTO), that’s a problem for me because I have been using marijuana for many, many years to help my pain. Remember, I suffer from fibromyalgia, and for the last 20 years, I’ve never been prescribed narcotics. I had to do whatever I could so I can function as a normal human being and not end up in the bed suffering from pain each and every day of my life. So yes, I used marijuana. Big deal.

I quit using marijuana weeks ago just so I could pass this stupid, unjustified, unreasonable test. I am angry because although I have a few pills left, they’re the only ones I can take to relieve my pain. They will run out within a week. I go without some days because I know there will come a day – soon – that I hurt so, so, so bad, that I have to mete out these pills.

So although I haven’t USED marijuana is weeks, I’ve taken ten at-home tests so far and each one has resulted in a positive result. I haven’t even LOOKED at marijuana, much less used it. I feel really sorry for anybody having to submit to these tests. They don’t actually prove that you’ve been using marijuana recently, only that THC remains in your fat cells for a long period of time. Considering I’ve used marijuana for how long? I may never test negative! So how is this test correct? How is it legal? I haven’t been using marijuana, and I haven’t been abusing my pain meds, but I am GUILTY until proven innocent. That goes against the grain of what America is supposed to be. It just doesn’t make sense. And it makes me angry as hell.

Why marijuana is illegal is because of a series of misinformation spread by those that wanted to benefit from the sale of alcohol – way back around the Depression. Suddenly, marijuana became a bad, bad thing, even though it had been used for thousands of years to treat medical maladies. Suddenly marijuana users became seedy criminals.

That’s the farthest thing from the truth. I am about as far from being a criminal as you can get.

So anybody, tell me, how is this random drug test legal? How is this justified?

Oh yeah, those pharmaceutical companies (who lobby Congress and donate tons of money … think about that …) don’t want to lose any money. Keep on pumping us up with non-narcotic remedies and make a fortune, instead of us being able to grow a naturally-growing plant and use it for free.

I’m mad as hell. And you should be too. Maybe the United States isn’t such a free country after all. Next thing you know, maybe we’ll have random searches in our houses to get rid of that “evil weed.” Be careful, America, what you wish for. It might just come true.

Signed, from a non-marijuana user testing positive,
Your Activist to Make Marijuana Legal Once Again

P.S. Thank you @thcterry for the wonderful graphic that explains all the wonderful uses of marijuana!